to Ferndale Montessori. Our environment and curriculum provide children ages 18 months to 6 years with a life-long love of learning. Our Montessori certified teachers are specially trained in using Dr. Montessori's methods and materials to successfully guide each child in developing their unique abilities within a carefully planned curriculum to meet their individual needs and interests.

Mary Lampard opened the center in 1981, on a quiet suburban street West of Woodward, just South of downtown Ferndale. We are still here in the same quiet neighborhood, and so is Mary!

Healthy Children
Parents are often surprised at the calm manner of FMC children. Part of our calm environment is due to the nourishing, healthy food the children consume. We serve healthy snacks at school and encourage parents to send the same for lunch, which the children bring from home.

Weather permitting, the children in all classes spend part of their day outside. We strongly believe in fresh air and outdoor exploration, in all 4 seasons!

Peaceful Classrooms
At the beginning of the year and occasionally during the rest of the program, "ground rules" are specifically introduced and encouraged. The ground rules are a major part of the philosophy of Montessori education which concretely teach a child to respect others' rights and feelings. At FMC, we don’t refer to the ground rules as “rules.” Instead, we talk about what is needed for a “peaceful classroom.” Children learn to use kind words and a gentle touch with friends, wait for a turn, be respectful of another and their work, and keep the environment beautiful for the next person by putting things back where they belong.

Consistent Caregivers
The children have the benefit of familiar faces throughout the day, without staff changes. FMC staff are experienced, dedicated and focused on the children. The longevity of our staff, some of whom have been with us for over 15 years, allows teachers to be a part of an entire family’s preschool years.




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