The third or final year of the Pre-Primary classroom, commonly known as the Kindergarten year, is a rewarding year for everyone: The child, the parents and the teachers. All of the classroom work, lessons and academic achievements throughout the first two years comes together during that final year, and provides the groundwork for some amazing academic and social accomplishments. Leadership skills emerge during the third year at Ferndale Montessori, and a high level of confidence in their own ability to solve problems, both academically and socially, becomes a part of the child’s personal repertoire.

Montessori education is not a program that shows instant results in the way you would usually expect. Because we work with the child’s sensitive periods for learning specific skills, children need the uninterrupted time to internalize and reproduce what they have been exposed to in the classroom setting. Many children do not “blossom” until their second or third year when all of the materials begin to be absorbed and internalized.


“Kindergarten” year at FMC

Third year Pre-Primary students continue with high level Math that includes Time, Money, Functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) and Graphing. In addition to continuing with their reading work in the Language area, sight words are added, formal writing lessons begin, story writing and creative writing are possible, and grammar is introduced. Geography is continued, with related activities in Social Studies. In the Science curriculum, Life Science and Physical Science provide additional interesting avenues for exploration.

During the third year at Ferndale Montessori, the child is at a heightened readiness for an amazing amount of information! They love to do “research,” they take pride in accomplishing large projects, and they eagerly await challenges. Their confidence and love of learning is the fuel that propels them through the vast quantity of Montessori materials. This mind set stays with the children in years to come, and sets them apart from others in future learning situations. After the child has completed the third year in the Pre-Primary Montessori classroom, they are more than ready for first grade.


4 1/2 - 6 years