The Toddler program is one of the original classes for children of this age in Michigan.  We have enjoyed many successful beginnings for children who, as a rule, have a difficult time separating from their parents at this young age.  The environment is enticing and the child becomes easily "hooked."  Our plan for Toddlers is to help them develop a beginning sense of independence, a sense of order, and a comfortable relationship with their peers and teachers.

The adult-child ratio in the Toddler class is one adult for every four children, which enables the staff to give optimum supervision,  personal care and a lap or hug for the very young child who constantly requires it. The large, sunny area in the Center designated for the Toddlers provides lots of room to explore and move about during (free choice) work time.

The classroom for Toddlers is limited to 12 children at any given time.  The classroom environment is designed on a very small scale so that feet can touch the ground and everything is in easy reach.  The classroom belongs to the children; nothing in the room is off limits.  Toddlers are particularly happy about that! 

Toilet training is not a requirement, but is encouraged during the child's time in the Toddler program. Parents  are responsible for making the first introduction.  Thereafter, the staff and parents work together.